Freddy by Robert "Rupe" Baldwin


Robert "Rupe" Baldwin attended courses at the Corcoran Art School of Washington. His main interest was in becoming a painter, but times were tough and for financial reasons he drifted to creating humorous illustrations for newspapers and magazines and eventually the comic book industry. After several minor works for comic books, he took on the newspaper strip Freddy in 1955. Freddy was a chubby little boy whom most kids could relate to. He was constantly at war with girls and frequently had to "take care" of his younger brother Ernest. Freddy experienced the same situations as most kids: homework, snowball fights, taking a bath, and so on. All done to humorous effect. Freddy was syndicated by the Washington Star Syndicate and later Field Enterprises. Baldwin was assisted by Howard Rands in the 1960s, and some of the writing of the strip was done by his wife, Helen. The strip enjoyed a long successful run, ending in 1980.

Freddy reprints dailies from May 1956-October 1956.
Available on Complete Inventory USB, 64 pages, black & white.

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