Mutt and Jeff
Mutt and Jeff

Mutt and Jeff is an American newspaper comic strip that ran from November 15, 1907 to 1982. It was created by Bud Fisher, though for most of its run (1932-1980), it was taken over by a former assistant, cartoonist Al Smith, when Fisher retired, shortly before his death. Other contributors include Billy Liverpool, Ken Kling, Ed Mack, and George Breisacher. While not the first daily comic strip, it was the first successful one and is credited with establishing the format of a six-day-a-week strip with a regular set of characters. The strip was originally titled A. Mutt and appeared on the sports pages of the San Francisco Chronicle. Augustus Mutt was a tall, rangy racetrack character, but the strip was transformed when Mutt encountered the half-pint Jeff (an inmate of an insane asylum) on March 27, 1908. On June 7, 1908, the strip moved off the sports pages and into the Hearst-owned San Francisco Examiner where it was syndicated and became a national hit. Bud Fisher had taken the precaution of copyrighting the strip in his own name. He became wealthy through not only that strip, but a comic book (initially published by All-American Publications and later by DC Comics, Dell Comics and Harvey Comics), over 300 cartoons, films, merchandise, and reprints. In 1932, Fisher formally turned production of the strip over to Smith, who continued to draw it until two years before its demise in 1982. Due to the strip's popularity, "Mutt and Jeff" became idiomatic for any tall-and-short pair of men (Mutt was the tall one). The word "mutton" is used in Cockney rhyming slang as an abbreviation of "Mutt'n'Jeff", and stands for the word "deaf". The names were also used as codenames for a pair of World War II spies. The "good cop/bad cop" police interrogation tactic is also called "Mutt and Jeff".

Also serialized is a four part article, Confession of a Cartoonist written by Bud Fisher and originally published in the Saturday Evening Post from July 28 through August 18, 1928.

Reprinted are Mutt and Jeff dailies from February-March, May-December 1929, available on Complete Inventory USB, 300 black and white pages.

Mutt and Jeff Mutt and Jeff

Mutt and Jeff
Cupples and Leon Reprint Books
by Bud Fisher

These reproductions have been very popular, and as with all publications from Comic Preserves, the strips are published as close to the originally printed size as possible.
Available on Complete Inventory USB, 96 black & white pages.
Mutt and Jeff Books 6 & 8 originally published in 1919 & 1922.

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